Monday, July 25, 2011

Open letter to Scott Friedman on his commercial about cycling in Texas

Link to commercial:

Dear Scott,

I recently saw your commercial on NBC Universal Sports on the joy of cycling in Texas.  As a fellow cyclist, I'm glad to see coverage of this activity in the media.  In my years of cycling in this great state I have had multiple encounters with drivers who are unaware of the law with regards to the use of bicycles on roadways.  These drivers create hostile and dangerous situations on the roads with everything from honking,  verbal assaults, objects thrown from the car, and even speeding up and swerving around close enough to me that I have feared for my life.  I have heard from many other cyclists who have had similar encounters.

Thankfully, for every ignorant driver there are hundreds more who are polite and courteous.  However, this is a matter that I feel needs attention at a high level by public outreach to a broad audience.  Is there any chance you could do a follow up to your commercial that promotes a message of "share the road" or even a news segment on the rights and regulations of cycling in Texas?  That sort of coverage would be very welcome from the cycling community.   


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