Monday, July 25, 2011

End of the Line Century

White Rock via Frisco is probably not the way most people would get there from Farmers Branch.

I left the house at about 4am to try and escape the heat.  There was a slight breeze most of the day, but not bad enough to be detrimental to speed or energy.  And that early on a Sunday traffic is almost non-existent.  It was my most pleasant century to date, without a doubt.  I've learned to pace myself much better using my heart rate monitor and not having the sun beat down on you makes a huge difference.  

I looped the lake twice and took it to the end of the Santa Fe Trail.  I don't know why, but I envisioned an urban hip little downtown area with a few shops.  Eateries.  Coffee shops.  Maybe a small park.  A historic site.  Heck, even a historic marker.  I mean, really, this four mile stretch of nice paved trail has to be taking people somewhere...

An ungraceful end to the Santa Fe Trail
Or I guess not.  Some graffitied signs, a field, a few industrial "businesses" housed in corrugated tin buildings with junkyard dogs, and a literal end to the concrete is all there is.  Not even a nice little round-about or a water fountain to look forward to.  At least it was a shady spot to eat my PB&H before heading back in.

Speaking of dogs, on the way back I ran across two that were hanging out on the trail.  Luckily, after our experience on Cow Creek, Jason picked pepper spray for everybody, and I had just attached it to my handle bars with a fat rubber band.  They didn't look like the friendly type, so I ripped the spray off my bars and readied it, a little concerned with the limited space to maneuver on the trail, and charged forward to their position.  Surprisingly, they were more startled and wary of me, both jumped back a little as I zipped past.  Crisis averted and pepper spray put away.

After my second loop of the lake, I headed back home and did a few miles with the kids to finish out the century.  The heat was really starting around that time and I very glad to be done with the ride rather than right in the middle of it.

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