Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Peanut Butter

I seem to have pretty good luck with PB&H sandwiches.  In fact, I haven't really used any energy gels since I started using them.  I noticed with gels I was downing them like crazy and getting a quick boost that would die.  I think the bread provides a little longer lasting energy, holds the honey and lets it absorb just a little slower.  Plus the PB has some protein, around 5g per sandwich, which is essential for endurance activities and really important for recovery.
5 PB&Honeys for the Cow Creek Country Classic
Plus the bread provides a convenient carrier.  As Josh demonstrates below, carrying peanut butter in a bag is an easy way to transport it. Eating it from said bag is an interesting proposition.

Mmmmmm.... peanut butttterrrr

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