Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cow Creek brutality ride

This past weekend we rode the Cow Creek Classic.  It starts and ends in Waxahachie, Texas, and makes a 101 mile loop that will bring a tear to your eye.... if you aren't so dehydrated that you can still cry.

One might take a look at the ride information and see that it's hosted by a Rotary club, that it will be going through back roads and small towns, and see the sky banner being pulled through the sky, and think to one's self, "my this will be a wonderful ride!".  But one would be ever so deceived and wrong!

101 miles of 20+ mph wind, 90*F and up temperatures, rolling hills, and chip seal.  It was brutal.

The ride kicked off at 7:30am.  It was about 83*F and already windy.  Jason took off with a paceline of faster riders and we didn't see him again for awhile.

We followed a freeway for a bit, but as soon as we turned off the wind was in our face and the pavement turned to chip seal.  We debated with other riders which is worse.  My conclusion is that the chipseal is worse because not only does it slow you down, it also rattles the bike and transmits the rough ride directly to your "undercarriage" (as one rider phrased it).

We caught up with Jason at this rest stop and kept on moving.  Check out his improvised drag parachute he made out of his bib number.

And here's a shot of Dan taken over my shoulder.

As we rode on, our average speed kept going down and our rest breaks became more frequent and lasted a little longer each time.  This is definitely not the way to travel.  Jason was showing signs of heat exhaustion so we kept the pace easy.  We really dogged it in to the end.  We were so long out that the staff was packing up the finish line refreshment stand by the time we got there.  No glory in this ride other than to be done with it.

Almost at the finish line.  We stopped for a photo at this historic bridge.

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