Friday, May 13, 2011 Sets Bad Example

Have you seen this video yet?  I was extremely disappointed. is an organization promoting cycling for the masses, but this video sets a horrible example.  When riding you have a responsibility to the safety of yourself and others, and this video is filled with the wrong way to do everything.  Here is the letter I just sent them:
This video sets a terrible example for cyclists everywhere.  Only 2 people wore helmets, and they were shown stationary, and one scene showed a man riding with no hands.  I won't even get into riding at night without safety lights and the distraction of the riders playing with projection devices, dangerously ignoring their path.  You should not promote cycling without also promoting safety.  The fact that safety was patently ignored in your promo video tells me where it sits on your priority list. 
This is akin to saying "hey, driving is fun" then showing everyone unbuckled and kids hanging out on the rear window sill like it is 1960 again.   
Because of what you are for, I hold you to a higher standard.  Had I realized safety was not important to you, I would not have signed the petition.  Now all I can do is remove your backlink from my blog and speak poorly of you in general until you decide to make it a priority.
And it's true, I am holding them to a higher standard.  I'm not some safety fanatic that yells at strangers who choose to ride helmetless.  But I enforce it with those riding with me and my kids, just like with passengers in my car ("everyone buckled?").  

By choosing to promote cycling, must take reasonable responsibility for encouraging riders to do it safely.  The have completely ignored safety in their video.  Verdict: FAIL.

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