Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shiner Blues

Well I woke up this morning
Said I'll ride a hundred miles
Ya know I woke up this morning
Said I'll ride one hundred miles

Gonna ride on down to Shiner
For beer and barbecue
I'm riding down to Shiner
Yeah, baby how 'bout you?

On that hot and dusty road
There ain't too many smiles
On that long and lonesome road
You know that I'm all smiles

I gotta ride one hundred miles
Just to have a beer
Gotta ride a hunnerd miles
'Cause there ain't no liquor here

Gonna keep on riding
All day and all night
Gonna keep on riding
Yeah, baby it's all right

On the ride down to Shiner
There's headwinds and chipseal
If ya wanna drink a cold one
Then baby, that's the deal

When I get down to Shiner
Baby, throw a dog a bone
Cause when I get down to Shiner
Baby, you know I....
             I have to ride on back home!

1 comment:

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